Week 5

Italian Egg Bake

My future mother-in-law makes a delicious egg bake when people come to stay with her and her husband over the holidays. Now that I will be her family soon, she agreed to give me her recipe to make and use for my cooking blog. This meal is very simple and extremely filling and can feed… Continue reading Italian Egg Bake

Week 5

The Basic French Omelette Recipe Review

This is my review for The Basic French Omelette from The Incredible Egg website. I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review Prep Time: The prep time for the original recipe said 2 minutes. If you were just going to mix the eggs, and… Continue reading The Basic French Omelette Recipe Review

Week 5

Everything to Know about Eggs

HISTORY Chickens were domesticated in 3200 B.C. in East India. It was recorded that chickens were laying eggs for consumption as early in 1400 B.C. in Egypt and China. Chickens came over to America during Columbus’ second journey to the New World and are connected to the chickens that now lay eggs. Egg farms started… Continue reading Everything to Know about Eggs