Week 7

Philadelphia 3-Step Cheesecake Review

This is my review for Philadelphia 3- step Cheesecake from Kraft Recipes website. I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review. Prep Time: The original recipe said 10 minutes prep time. I would say that this is accurate. The prep for this was very… Continue reading Philadelphia 3-Step Cheesecake Review

Week 7

Philadelphia 3-Step Cheesecake

I am going to be completely honest and say that I am not a fan of cheesecake *gasps heard*. I don't like pies, and I have never liked the taste of cream cheese. I think I am in the minority when it comes to people not liking cheesecake. My fiancé, like most people, love cheesecake.… Continue reading Philadelphia 3-Step Cheesecake