Week 5

The Basic French Omelette Recipe Review

This is my review for The Basic French Omelette from The Incredible Egg website. I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review

Prep Time:

The prep time for the original recipe said 2 minutes. If you were just going to mix the eggs, and then add cheese and pre-cooked ham, two minutes is pretty accurate. I added onion, pepper, and bacon into mine, so prep time took way longer than two minutes. The nice thing about omelets is you can make one out of any ingredients you have at home and make it work for any time frame you have. For the omelet I made, the prep work took about half an hour chopping and cooking the veggies and the bacon. I have made omelets in the past that have taken only two minutes to prep for.

Cook Time:

The original recipe said cook time was about 5 minutes. I would have to say that is accurate for the omelet itself. You just have to make sure the bottom of the omelet is done enough so it can flip easy. The top of the omelet shouldn’t be runny when it’s time to flip. When it came to cooking my other ingredients, it took about twenty minutes to cook my vegetables. I don’t like my peppers mushy, but the onion needs to be fully cooked (when they turn clear is a pretty good indicator to know when they are done). I could probably cook them on higher temps for a shorter amount of time, but I have a finicky stove and it gets too hot, and you don’t want to burn the vegetables. To cook the bacon, it takes about 10 minutes for me to get them to the right crunchiness. Also I didn’t follow the cooking directions fully when cooking the omelet. It says to gently push the sides over to make sure they are cooked. I don’t know if I’m not gentle enough, but every time I tried that, the egg would tear. I just left the egg alone until the top wasn’t runny anymore. I then added my filling to one side. The picture I took was when I was making my fiancés omelet and he loves his jammed with filling. His filling didn’t quite stay on one side, so his was a little harder to flip, but it didn’t tear until I transferred it onto his plate on the top a tiny bit.


For peppers, I like green pepper, but you can get any that you like for your omelet. For bacon, I always buy Hormel Black Label brand, but there are so many brands and styles of bacon. I just get original bacon because I don’t like thick bacon. My bacon needs to be pretty crunchy, but my fiancé likes his a little less done. For ham, I always buy pre-cooked ham. I like to have it for breakfast food where I can cut off a few slices and more or less just warm it up on the stove. If you are adding ham to your omelet (pre-cooked or not) make sure it is fully cooked before putting it on your egg. It won’t cook fully just laying on top of your egg. My grocery store packages their own chunks of pre-cooked ham, so I bought a little chunk. Another thing I changed with the ingredients was I used three eggs instead of two. We like a bigger omelet in my household, so we just use more eggs. Another thing I added to this recipe was I added milk to my egg mixture instead of water. I don’t think it really changes the taste of the egg, but I think it makes the omelet fluffier. If you can’t have milk, water works well too.

Overall Review:

I love eggs and making omelets are an easy meal to make that is very filling. Depending on what you add to your omelet, it can be pretty good for you too. If you just added veggies without a lot of butter to cook with, you could have a pretty healthy and protein filled meal. Our omelet wasn’t the healthiest with the bacon, ham, and cheese added to it (lots of sodium), but it tastes SO GOOD!!! I don’t think I could eat omelets everyday, but when I want a little variety to my egg routine, this quick meal can spice it up a little, and it keep me feeling full most of the day.





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