Week 4

Chicken Fries Recipe Review

This is my review for Chicken Fries with Tamarind BBQ Sauce from Tasting Table cooking blog. I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review

Prep Time:

The original recipe said prep time was 25 minutes. I would say that is pretty accurate. Mixing the dry ingredients was only about two minutes. Also mixing the ingredients for the dipping sauce only took about three minutes to mix together. I also didn’t have to cut the chicken into pieces, so that took out a little bit of the prep work. I will say that the breading the strips is a bit more time consuming. It is not hard at all, but to make sure the strips get fully coated, I coated each strip separately. You have to dip the strips in flour first, then cover it fully in egg, and then make sure the strip in completely coated in bread crumbs.

Cook Time:

The original recipe said 15 minutes. I think if you don’t count the heating up of the oil in the skillet, it could be close to 15 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes alone for the oil to heat up enough to cook the strips. This recipe said use your deep fried thermometer to check the temp of the heat, which I don’t own. The recipe said the heat needed to be 350º before cooking the chicken. I let the oil cook until the oil started moving without it bubbling. I also cooked one piece first to test the oil temp. This recipe called for smaller chicken pieces for chicken fries, which are smaller than chicken tenders, but I kept the chicken tenders the same size, so I cooked each side of the tenders two minutes on each side. To cook all of the tenders, it took four batches (four minutes each batch) so only about 16 minutes to cook all of them.


The recipe asked for sweet paprika. I couldn’t find anything that said sweet, so I just bought original paprika. This recipe asked for two eggs to dip the strips, but I think since my chicken tenders were bigger, I ran out of egg, so I had to beat another egg to coat all of the chicken. The recipe asked for two pounds of chicken breast, so I bought two packages of chicken breast tenders. I was nervous when I saw the recipe asked for tamarind paste. I had never heard of it, and thought there was no way my grocery store would have something like that. I couldn’t find it myself, but I also had no idea where to look for it (I was looking in the spice section). An employee showed me it was in the Asian cuisine section of the store. This was not a big section, but it had both tamarind paste and garlic-chili sauce, so it all worked out. The last thing I noticed was when the recipe called for two cups of bread crumbs, I thought that was a lot. It was almost the entire container of crumbs. Towards the end of breading the strips, I had to add some more to my dish. For the flour mixture, I had a lot left over. I just threw it away, which felt like a waste, but I didn’t want to keep it since it had raw chicken dipped in it.

Overall Review:

The actual process of breading the chicken strips was a messy process. I had to wash off my hands several times because the breading got so thick on my fingers. I had a hard time grabbing the chicken and not wasting the egg sticking to the batter on my fingers. The cooking of the chicken strips was easier than I thought it would be. I get nervous cooking with hot oil, but it was easy to flip the pieces over after two minutes, and then taking them out with tongs. The original recipe said 6 to 8 servings. I would say that 4-5 servings was more accurate. A serving was about three chicken strips. The dipping sauce was actually really good. I usually don’t eat BBQ sauce, but I thought it was a good with the chicken. It was sweet, but had a bite to it. My fiancé loves BBQ and I thought he wouldn’t trust it, but he said he really liked it and would make the dipping sauce for other meals. The chicken tenders themselves were delicious! I love chicken strips anyway, so I am so excited that I now know how to make them at home!! Since these aren’t that healthy with all the breading and with deep-frying them, it might not be the best thing that I know how to make them because I’m always going to want to make them!


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