Week 4

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe Review

This is my review for Easy Chicken Fajitas from Spend with Pennies cooking blog.

I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review

Prep Time:

The prep was easy enough. You just have to cut the onion, but cutting three peppers into slices takes a few more minutes. They are not hard to cut at all, but getting them into the right size slices takes about 8 minutes. The directions don’t explain how to cut the onion or peppers except to say cut into slivers. What are slivers?! I cut each strip of pepper into ½ inch slices. I also didn’t know how to cut the pepper. My fiancé taught me a trick. If you cut the top of the pepper off and then hit the bottom, the seeds come out very easily. The other ingredients were just measuring them and mixing them into a bowl. You also need to cut the chicken breasts into slices as well and mix them in the spice mixture. I would say the total prep time is about 15 minutes.

Cook Time:

The original recipe said you can make this meal from start to finish in 20 minutes. Since the prep time alone took 15 minutes, I don’t think that’s true. You have to heat up the skillet, which takes about two minutes. You then have to cook half the chicken for about five minutes, so ten minutes just to cook the chicken. The recipe said to cook the onion alone for two minutes, but that wasn’t long enough. I cooked the onions about five minutes before adding the peppers. It took around ten minutes to cook the onions and peppers, and when I make this again, I will be cooking the onions even longer to get them more sautéed. You then add the chicken back in and mix them all together. I would say cook time was about 20 minutes.


The ingredients were very easy to get. The recipe called for peppers and an onion which they had a variety to choose from in the produce section. The one thing about this recipe that I had to do was I had to buy a lot of spices. I already owned chili powder and onion pepper (since my fiancé uses it on everything) but I didn’t own paprika, or cumin. The recipe called for smoked paprika, but the only paprika I found only said original paprika on it. I think it worked just fine. I never bought paprika or cumin before. Cumin smells amazing! It smells like authentic Mexican cuisine. I never knew what exactly that spicy wonderfulness was, but I learned making this meal, it is the cumin! Now that I own those spices, I can use them again. It was a little pricier meal to begin with, but I think buying spices are an investment because you can use them many more times for many more meals.


My fiancé and I love fajitas, so when I found this recipe, I was very excited. I found the recipe on Pinterest and saved them on my food page. The original recipe was pretty vague, so I tried to be as detailed as I could on my blog post. I will say I did like that the original recipe had some alternatives to make this healthier. You can use corn tortillas and less oil to fit it in with Weight Watchers points. I don’t do Weight Watchers, but I think it’s good to have options to make recipes healthier. The original recipe said 4 servings, but I think it was more than that. I made these for me, my fiancé, and my father-in-law. We each had two big fajitas each, and there was enough for both me and my fiancé to have two smaller fajitas each for lunch the next day. I will for sure make this meal again. Something I would do differently next time is adding a little more spice to the chicken, maybe some more chili powder and pepper, but I like spice. I will definitely be making this again!!


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