Week 3

Beef Roast Recipe Review

This is my review for So Simple Supper

I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review

Prep Time:

The original recipe doesn’t give prep time, so I will tell you how long it took me. To mix the dry ingredients together with water and pour over the roast in the Crock Pot takes 2 minutes. To cut up about 8 potatoes into ¼ chunks and throw them and the baby carrots in takes maybe 5 minutes, if that. Prep time might take longer if you are cutting up big carrots, potatoes or you or adding celery. Besides that, there isn’t anything you have to prep for this meal.

Cook Time:

The original recipe said cook time was 8 hours (four with just the beef roast and another four after you add the vegetables). I think with my meal, I let the vegetables cook another 15 minutes past the last four hours, but that’s because I was doing something else while my meal was cooking and wasn’t paying attention to the time. Nothing was overcooked in those 15 minutes, so I don’t think the four hour time is an exact number. My beef roast was 3.14 pounds, so if I had a bigger roast or I was adding bigger chunks of potatoes, I would maybe let it cooker longer to make sure everything was fully done (especially the potatoes). The roast would be ok after 8 hours, but you don’t want hard pieces of potatoes. My roast can make 8 servings. I had my parents over for dinner when I made this roast and there was enough for my fiancé and my dad to have seconds that night and for me and my fiancé to have it for lunch the next day.


For this recipe, there weren’t many ingredients and they were easy to get. I’m sure in bigger towns, the meat variety is better, but I will say that our grocery store is well known for its meat department. We don’t have many options or specialty items, but the meat that we do have is of quality. With this recipe, you can put any vegetables that you like in it, but when I cook roasts, I like using baby red potatoes because they can be cut into smaller chunks easily and the smaller pieces make it easy to fit in the Crock Pot. Some people can even throw whole baby reds in. I just like cutting mine up to have already cooked bite sizes. I used to add celery to my roast as well, but my fiancé isn’t a big fan of cooked celery, so now I just keep it out. When you are buying the dry ingredients, we found them in the soup section of the grocery store, but some stores keep them with the spices and mixes. I like Liptin Onion Soup and Dip Mix, but there are many other brands of onion soup mix. It comes in a box of two packages, so you can save a package for another time or another meal.

Overall Rating:

The recipe was called “So Simple” and I absolutely agree. Just like many Crock Pot recipes, you can set it and forget it. I also like that my Crock Pot comes with a High, Low, and Warm setting. Not all Crock Pots come with the warm setting. My mom’s slow cooker doesn’t have the warm setting and once the meal is ready to serve, she has to turn it completely off or sometimes it overcooks and burns on the sides. Once the meal is served, I turn the setting to warm, so if anyone wants seconds, the meal is still hot, but it doesn’t keep cooking. I know that they are pretty well insulated as well, so if you don’t have a Crock Pot with a warm setting, if you turn it off and keep the lid on, it still retains its heat pretty well. This is not only my favorite recipe I have made so far, but is one my favorite all-time meals. It is definitely a comfort food. This hearty meal is perfect for these cold winter days we’ve been having up the in Falls where all you want is a warm filling meal. I also love that I can throw it all together in the morning, check on it and throw in the vegetables in the afternoon, and have a hot meal ready to go without having to be stuck in the kitchen for a few hours. It is the best of both worlds; easy and delicious!


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