Week 3

Buffalo Chicken Dip in Crock Pot

As I have said, I really have only used my Crock Pot for two things, a roast and a dip. My friend introduced me to buffalo chicken dip at one of our Christmas parties several years ago. I LOVE spicy food and will put Franks Hot Sauce on anything I can! When my friend made it, she made it in a pan on the oven and had to constantly stir it and turn the heat down so it didn’t burn. It is way less effort using the Crock Pot because when all the ingredients are melted, you can turn it on warm and leave it. This recipe is extremely simple, and even easier in the Crock Pot. You only need a Crock Pot, a can opener, and something to stir your ingredients.


The ingredients:

1 package of 8 oz grated cheddar cheese

2 cans (10 oz) of all white chicken breast

2 packages of cream cheese

1 bottle (16 oz) of ranch dressing

1 (12 oz) bottle of Franks RedHot sauce


Since I wasn’t going to a gathering this week and our only guest was my future father-in-law, I decided to only make half a batch (I cut the ingredients in half to use).

First, I open the cans of chicken and before adding it into the Crock Pot, I drain the water out of it. Once the cans are drained, I add the chicken.

I then open and put the cream cheese blocks into the Crock Pot. I then add the whole package of grated cheddar cheese to the Crock Pot. I then add the ENTIRE bottle of Ranch into the Crock Pot. You won’t be able to get every single drop out and that’s ok. Get as much out of the bottle as you can. Sometimes, I open the bottle and scrap the bottom of the bottle with a knife.

Then add ¾ of the bottle of Franks RedHot sauce to the mixture and mix together. Start out with ¾ of the bottle and depending on your spice tolerance, add more once everything melts and mixes together. If it was up to me, I would add the entire bottle, but my fiancé and friends don’t like it that spicy, so I hold back when adding the hot sauce.

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I turn the Crock Pot on high and stir the ingredients together the best I can. It becomes much easier to stir when the cream cheese and cheddar cheese is melted together.


The chicken will be in chunks when you first add it, but once everything is melted, the chicken will start to fall apart and be in more shredded pieces.

Every so often, I stir to mix up the newly melted pieces together. Once everything is melted, I turn the Crock Pot on warm, so it keeps the dip warm and doesn’t burn to the edge.


You can use anything to use to dip (crackers, chips, celery), but I like to use Tostitos Scoops chips because they are sturdy enough to not break when you dip them and they hold more dip on the chip (chip/dip ratios are important lol).


The recipe takes about an hour to be ready to serve. I only stirred it twice while it was melting.

Since it is a dip recipe, I don’t know the exact serving size, but when I make the full batch, it is enough for about 20 people. It is the perfect appetizer to bring to gatherings and the small Crock Pot is very portable. I usually make it before I go to the party and then just plug in the Crock Pot to the warm setting when I get there.

I hope you enjoy this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip. It is honestly my all-time favorite party snack (and if I’m truly honest, I would eat the entire Crock Pot myself as a meal if they let me. I’ve never done it, but I have thought about doing it many times).

Disclaimer: Make sure you get to try it before you set it out because once people start eating it; it doesn’t last long. I also buy at least two bags of chips for bigger gatherings because one bag of chips for this dip isn’t enough.


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