Week 2

Turkey Burger Recipe Review

This is my review for Actually Delicious Turkey Burgers

I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my review: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review

Prep Time:

The original recipe said 15 minutes for prep time. The prep time included chopping the onion, mincing the garlic, grinding the parsley (chopping the parsley if it was fresh), separating the egg whites from the yolk, measuring out the breadcrumbs, mixing the ingredients and making the patties. I would say that the prep time was accurate for this meal. None of the steps were difficult at all. The only thing I would say about the parsley is if you have the option to get fresh, then get fresh. I thought the grinder would be a good option because it could grind the parsley very fine for me, but I like to measure everything, and it was a huge mess to try to grind the parsley into the measuring cup.

Cook Time:

The original recipe said cook time was 15 minutes. I would give it a few more minutes to actually cook the burgers. The recipe asked for 3 pounds of turkey which makes 12 patties, but I only made 2 pounds of turkey (8 patties) and it took about 20 minutes to cook all of them. My skillet held four patties at a time and it took ten minutes total (5 minutes on each side) to cook them. If I had to cook 12 patties, it would have been like 30 minutes to cook all of them. I was very nervous about cooking these burgers right because you have to make sure they are completely cooked on the inside, and it’s easier to burn the outside. All of the recipes suggested using a meat thermometer to make sure the internal heat was 180º F. I think I need to invest in a meat thermometer, especially if I’m cooking meat more often. To check if it was done, I cut one burger open to make sure there wasn’t any pink inside.


For this recipe, there weren’t many ingredients and there were easy to get. I was nervous when I read that I needed breadcrumbs because I thought my store wouldn’t have many options, but I found a big selection in the stove stop stuffings and dried seasoning section. There were many different brands and flavors, but I wanted to make sure the one I got just said “seasoned breadcrumbs”. You can get plain breadcrumbs too. When it came to ground turkey, my grocery store only had one option (Jenni-O 85%/15% fat), so that’s what I went with. When  I looked up ground brands of ground turkey, Jenni-O was on the list. You can get ground turkey that’s even more lean too. As I mentioned before, my grocery store has a slim selection on fresh herbs. They didn’t have any fresh parsley, so in the seasoning aisle, I found ground dried parsley. It worked out fine, it is just a lot messier trying to measure it out.

Overall Rating:


The recipe was rated easy and I absolutely agree. It was very simple to prep for, and the actual cooking of the burgers was easier than I thought. Since ground turkey falls apart easier than beef burgers, you have to make sure your cooking surface is sprayed or coated so your burgers don’t stick. I coated my skillet with vegetable oil, and I didn’t have a problem with the burgers sticking or falling apart when I flipped them. When I first took them out of the skillet, I had to get past the color. I was used to a pinkish burger, but turkey burgers are a grey/tan color. With my first bite, I was a little thrown off by the texture; it is a lot softer than beef burgers. Once I let myself taste the flavor, I really liked them. My fiancé really enjoyed them as well. We don’t cook beef burgers a lot anyway, but we both thought turkey burgers could be our go-to when we are craving a burger, but want a healthier option. We have already added the ingredients to this week’s grocery list to make again this week. We are also already looking at different varieties of the turkey burger (buffalo turkey burgers). I’ll keep you posted!


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