Week 2

What to know about Turkey Burgers

Quick History on burgers

Burgers have been around for a long time. The inspiration for the first hamburger came from beef in Hamburg, Germany. The Hamburg beef used to make patties was very expensive, so people started making patties using cheaper beef varieties. They became popular in America in the 19th century when German immigrants came over and opened up their own restaurant and would serve Hamburg steak. The bun is really the only difference between Hamburg steaks and hamburgers they we know today. Since then, hamburgers have been evolving to create bigger and better burgers. Some people have created burgers with creative toppings to create yummy options like the “Black and Bleu Burger” or the “Juicy Lucy”. The beef of the burger has also been change to create healthier options like black beans, salmon, tofu, and turkey.

 The Start of Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are still not as commonly seen in restaurants as beef burgers are, but they are becoming a popular alternative because of the low fat content.

“Turkey burgers were first discovered by health conscience diners in the seventies when it became known that substituting ground turkey breast for ground beef sheds about 200 calories, 25 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat and 45 milligrams of cholesterol from each quarter pound burger.”

Even though they became popular the 70s, turkey burgers first popping up on menus in California in 1938.

Facts about Turkey Burgers

  • People still like to eat turkey burgers because they are fat free version of their favorite meal. (You can feel like you aren’t on a diet when you can still have a burger)
  • Turkey burgers need enough moisture added to them while cooking because turkey is lean which gives it a low fat content (The higher the fat content, the more moisture the meat will have). If you fry or broil them, the fat leaves the burgers and makes them very dry.
  • To add more flavor to the turkey burger is to use both dark meat and white meat. The white meat tends to be more dry and not as flavorful as dark meat.

-Packages labeled “ground turkey” are a mix of light and dark meat.

-White breast meat by itself is labeled all white meat.

  • The main ingredients added to ground turkey are eggs and breadcrumbs. These ingredients help keep the turkey moist and help keep their form.

“Before adding vegetables, sauté them for a few minutes in a tablespoon of olive oil. Turkey burgers need an extra flavor boost, so use a heavier hand with the fresh herbs.”

  • Turkey burgers are more delicate than beef burgers and are easier to lose their shape. Be sure to spray for cooking surfaces or skillets with cooking spray so they don’t stick. (I wanted to grill my burgers, but since it’s March in International Falls where the high this week is 7 degrees, I will be cooking my burgers in my cast iron skillet).
  • Well known brand of ground turkey is Jenni-O. (This is the brand I will be using my my recipe this week. I am using the Jenni-O ground turkey 85%lean/15%fat, so it will be less lean than other options).




Turkey Burgers

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