Week 1

Pasta Recipe Review

This is my recipe review on Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce

I will be breaking down the recipe into categories for my reviews: Prep Time, Cook Time, Ingredients, and Overall Review.

 Prep Work:

The original recipe said prep time was 10 minutes. For me, prep time took longer when I was documenting my process, but if I make it again, the prep time wasn’t much. 10 minutes seems pretty accurate for the few ingredients you actually have to prep. Servings size seems accurate; we had about 8 servings. We had leftovers the next two days. My fiancé has big helpings so if you have big eaters in your house, the servings would probably be more like 6 servings.

 Cook Time:

The original recipe said cook time was 25 minutes. Once everything was all prepped, the cook time was longer than 25 minutes. It took longer to make since I used a smaller pan so there was too much sauce in it. It took about 40 minutes just to just cook the sauce. Be sure to watch your time to make the noodles too. The noodles only take 10 minutes to cook, but depending on your stove, it takes a pot full of water a while to get boiling. When I make this recipe again, I will be using our big skillet because it is deeper, so it shouldn’t take as long to cook the sauce. The pan I used was also so full to the brim that it was hard not for the sauce to spill over the edge when I was stirring it.


Most of the ingredients were very easy to get at the store. I did encounter some issues with some of my ingredients however. First, our fresh herb section at our grocery store is lacking. The only container of fresh basil they had was the brand I bought. They only have a few options for fresh herbs (rosemary, basil, bay leaves, and thyme).

After already buying my ingredients for my pasta, I found out that Creamette isn’t the optimal brand of dry pasta to buy. On the reviews for top dried pasta, I learned that Barilla is the go-to pasta. My grocery store does carry that brand, so next time I buy pasta, I will be getting that brand.

My biggest issue was the cheese. I bought Everyday Essentials Parmesan grated cheese for the recipe. When I opened the container, it already had tons of mold in it, so we couldn’t add the cheese. I would have liked to use cheese in it, but I wasn’t about to put moldy cheese into my dish. Our pasta tasted good without the cheese, but I am curious how much the cheese adds to the dish.

 Overall rating:

Overall I thought it tasted good. The only thing for me was I didn’t taste much of the cream in the sauce. For me, it tasted similar to regular pasta with tomato sauce. When I asked my fiancé about the flavor, he thought the sauce made it taste creamier and he did notice a difference that the heavy cream made. His other only suggestion was to sauté the onions a little longer because he felt not all the onion tasted fully cooked. I’m not an onion person, but I didn’t taste that real onion taste, so for me, it was fine the way we made it. The pasta was pretty filling without any meat added to the sauce, but you can definitely add meat to the dish. We also agreed that the next time I make this dish, we WILL be adding the cheese!

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